Jeff Bezo’s Amazon for the past 20 years, create remarkable heights in gathering massive third party sellers worldwide to utilize Amazon sales platform in building their own online selling empire. Perhaps reasons such as – Amazon’s sustainability scientists discovered that deliveries from online purchases generate  43% lower carbon emissions compared to shopping in store – or – Amazon’s great flexibility to sellers – have been factors why e-shopping is becoming the new norm today. 

Amazon has six known business models; wholesale, online arbitrage, retail arbitrage, private label, dropshipping, and handmade sellers. Among the others, number of sellers cut the pie into fourths vying wholesale as their Amazon business model. “Wholesale” on Amazon involves purchasing of bulk products directly from the supplier or manufacturers at low-cost price or discount, and sell them at a retailer’s price to consumers. 

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Since wholesale products often have established brands and listings, it’s quite easier for reseller’s to sell them. However, some hindrances in positioning your “wholesale account” such as minimum required quantities the first place, may mount your budget all up without yet gaining profit – which is a wholesale startup frustration. 

Fortunately, Amazon automation FBA like professionally secures your profit and guide a thorough process on how to kick-start your Amazon selling business – even Wholesale. With the rising number of web services, you need to sign up for a hybrid mix offering a 97% success rate for products launched 12 months and that’s a Private Label Assassins’s guarantee. 

Wholesale FBA: How it works

There are two ways to fulfill your wholesale selling on Amazon: Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM) and Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). FBM cycles in your own method of taking orders. You are responsible to handle storage, packing and shipments. FBA on the other hand, is a promising program by Amazon wherein you deliver open to view products to Amazon centers and they get to pack, handle, ship items on your behalf. Selling wholesale FBA on Amazon have these basic steps:

  1. Create your wholesale seller account. 
  2. Secure Sales tax ID or resale certificate to have it all legal. 
  3. Determine your Capital, which will reflect on how much you’ll have in your upcoming inventory. 
  4. Look for products on demand to sell. 
  5. Build your own website. This shall make your business name be acknowledged in formal form. If this, doesn’t suit your budget, then make this as one goal encouragement to let you earn profit. 
  6. Source products from reliable distributor or manufacturer. Though there are lots of wholesale sellers to knock to request on manufacturers, make your wholesale business stand out by offering beneficial counters for them, e.g. spending dollars for ads to sell their products, etc. (more likely, offer everything of what you can do for them). 
  7. Optimized listing to rank top against competitors and place your products on FBA (send query in for this). 
  8. Launch your product and start promoting it.  
  9. Grow your business by being hands-on in inventory, sales, product listing, etc. 

Selling Wholesale on Amazon 

Unlike other Amazon’s business models, wholesale; guard seller’s reputation to consumers. *You are free to build connections directly to manufacturers and suppliers (considering the bulk orders), and may haggle lower rates rather than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. You are allowed to sell the same items with most quantity all over again as long as there are buyers – no fret or do not be scared if there are no more profitable stocks to deliver. You, selling brands that have already existed or with high-demand records, does not require you to create new listings and have them rank on Amazon which let you focus on scalable profits more. In shortish, due to established product demands and labels of most wholesale manufacturers, you’re one step ahead of the game with Wholesale business model.

What Amazon does aside Wholesale?

One of the market that amazon currently infiltrating, is real estate market. One of those are in California which is the orange county property management. You can also find more about their property management partner here:

On looking for high-demand products.. 

When sourcing wholesale products to sell, you can use the Amazon search engine intrinsically. Upon looking at results, make sure to consider positive reviews that will surely be your increasing sale factor and sales rank of items that should be in minimum thereof 150K and with lesser selling price to outweigh your investment. Prior setting initial contact with wholesale suppliers, do your research first so that you’ll be able to identify what brands you need and representatives to tap. For brands that are not yet on Amazon, this can be your advantage as owners are not so familiar with how Amazon works – explain on how you plan to establish their business in Amazon selling pedestal. Feed yourself with knowledge on how to successfully outsource suppliers and work to expand on advertising your products through social ads or web promotions. 

Partnership with credible Suppliers 

Though most credible suppliers have their own built clients of wholesalers, you still can have yourself potential partners by continuing to keep the hustle. Meeting brand owners or manufacturers in person are your best option to secure trustable business relationship; you can do constant phone follow ups or email following days after. While you’re in your research on what high-demand products to sell or local distributors to approach per se, you’ll come across a series of companies that suits your selling standard and soon foresee as your partner league. When that happens, schedule an appointment for account setup to any representatives from the supplier, be it in outdoor trade exhibits or office buildings – go for it!

You got an account! What’s next? 

Move on your selling. Once you have your suppliers list of products with corresponding prices, run through a tool setup which checks and calculate prices and evaluate product inventory. Tool checkers will help you decide which products are similar to typical arbitrage and guides you further to investment returns, ranking sales, number of sellers and total purchases. Five categories prominent for wholesalers to sell are: Home & Kitchen, Toys & Games, Beauty, Health, and Dining. To recapitulate, Wholesale Fulfillment by Amazon has been one aid for Amazon Seller startups. There are challenges such as finding products to sell, best supplier for products to tie up, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads and management which makes it hard to stay top of the line. However, there are Amazon automation FBA ( though that helps Amazon sellers make their listings saleable and rankable. – So worry not, and start your  Amazon wholesale seller journey now!

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